Kin Apps

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# App Android iOS
1 Kik Messenger
About: Messenger
Status: Beta, limited Kin access
Earn ability: Unknown
Reward rating: Unknown
Kik for Android (limited beta) Kik for iOS (No kin yet)
2 Kinit
About: Store Kin, earn & spend
Status: Available on andorid
Earn ability: Daily 30+ Kin
Kinit for Android Kinit for iOS
3 Perfect 365
About: AR make up site
Status: Earn, Spend in app
Earn ability: Daily
Reward rating: High
Perfect 365 Android (no Kin yet)
Perfect 365 iOS
4 Reveald
About: Dating app
Status: Beta, limited earns
Earn abiltity: 130 to start
Reward rating: Unknown
Reveald for Android NA
5 Pause for
About: Productivity and focus
Status: Earn
Earn Ability: Daily
Reward Rating: High
NA Pause For iOS
6 Kinny
About: Tip people on social media
Status: Store Kin, tip, earn
Earn ability: Daily 20+ Kin
Kinny Android NA
7 Kinguist
About: Learning and quiz
Status: Earn, store, spend in app
Earn ability: High many options
Kinguist Android NA
8 Blastchat
About: Public messenger chat
Status: Earn, iOS unconfirmed
Earn ability: unknown
Blastchat Android BlastChat iOS
9 Nearby
About: Meet local people, dating
Status: Earn
Earn ability: unknown
Nearby Android NA
10 Beseech
About: Local marketplace of information
Status: Earn, spend
Earn ability: high, many options
Beseech Android NA
11 Find
About: Unknown
Find Android NA
12 Kimeo
About: Video sharing
Stauts: Earn, spend in app
Earn ability: medium
Kimeo Android NA
13 Kindred
About: unknown
Status: unknown
Earn abiltiy: unknown
Kindred Android NA
14 Vent
About: Social mood sharing
Status: Earn
Earn ability: Low
Vent Android NA
15 This That
NA ThisThat iOS